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    OOC Precepts



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    OOC Precepts

    Post by Vermithrax on Sun Aug 09, 2015 3:27 pm

    :Out Of Character Precepts:

    Respect the others in our pack. Any bullying or harassment should be reported to a superior and whomever is causing problems will be kicked.

    No mate begging, family begging or rank begging. It won't be tolerated and you will be told to just shut up.

    Anything happens in character, is in character. Do not bring IC grudges or drama into OOC, you will be warned - once again - to shut up.

    Once again, trolling of any other group- no matter what kind is prohibited. This goes for singular characters as well, if you are on a character in our group and want to troll, take it to a different character. Our pack will not deal with you shaming us.

    You're allowed a maximum of two characters per account. If you can't manage both of them and keep both active, one will be kicked.

    Recruiting. It's extremely boring, yes, but we ask of all members to help the superiors by doing videos from camp or by simply sitting by them. The better we look the more people will want to join, and all help is extremely appreciated.

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